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Murderer Kinsella attacks three prison officers in three days


Wayne Kinsella. Photo: Ronan Quinlan/Collins

Wayne Kinsella. Photo: Ronan Quinlan/Collins

Wayne Kinsella. Photo: Ronan Quinlan/Collins

DOUBLE killer Wayne Kinsella has assaulted three prison officers in Mountjoy prison over the course of three days.

THE 41-year-old – who is serving a life sentence for the murder of father-of-five Adil Essalhi – attacked prison staff after officers at the Dublin prison seized a package meant for Kinsella.

Initially, staff at the jail became suspicious when Kinsella had contraband seized.

Subsequently, senior staff at Mountjoy including the prison governor and chief officer went to speak to him in his cell.

However, Kinsella struck out at the chief officer and hit him in the head before also attempting to assault the prison governor.

He was restrained by other staff members and brought to the medical unit. That evening, he hit another prison officer in the head in the medical unit.

Last Sunday, he then assaulted another prison officer – understood to be the assistant chief officer – who was investigating whether Kinsella had a mobile phone hidden in a cell.

Last year, Kinsella was found guilty of the 2011 murder of Essalhi (31) in Tyrrelstown.

The court was told that at some point, Kinsella and a relative of his got it into their heads that Mr Essalhi was involved in the killing of Kinsella's brother, Lee, who was shot dead in May 2006.


Kinsella and his relative lured Mr Essalhi out to fields at the back of the apartment complex.

The court heard Mr Essalhi was hit almost 60 times in the head, neck and arms with a knife and a machete type weapon.

He had previously received an eight-year sentence in 1996 for killing an 86-year-old man at his wife's graveside in Glasnevin as he tried to mug the victim.

He also has a conviction for cruelty to children.