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Murderer Brady will kill again says doc

Ian Brady, the Moors Murderer, remains utterly unrepentant about his crimes and if ever released would kill again as easily as "swatting a fly", according to the criminologist who has carried out the first face-to-face interviews in a decade with the notorious serial killer.

The 73-year-old Scot, who murdered five children with his lover Myra Hindley in the 1960s, told Dr Chris Cowley that he "wishes the world ill" and refers to the killings as an "existential exercise" which he dismisses as "that Moors business". Brady, who has been held at Ashworth high-security hospital on Merseyside since 1985 after he was declared criminally insane, stopped all visits in 1998 and refuses to talk to psychiatrists and social workers.

But Dr Cowley began writing to the killer in 2002 and admits to a "quid pro quo" with Brady, where he sent gifts like pens and music tapes "and he would tell me things in exchange" in letters and interviews.

Writing in a new book, which is published this week, Dr Cowley maintains that Brady still "carries a torch" for Myra Hindley and mentioning her name prompted rare "glimmers of human feelings".

Dr Cowley said Brady remained dangerous: "He would kill again without any thought for anyone who gets in his way.

"For him, it's like swatting a fly, which is how he regarded the children he murdered."



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