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Murdered mum's family ask Dublin Airport to put her photo next to Adams

THE family of IRA victim Jean McConville has challenged Dublin Airport Authority to put her image beside that of Gerry Adams in Terminal 2.

Seamus and Helen McKendry were "appalled and disturbed" to discover that Mr Adams is one of a number of 'Faces of Ireland' that greet passengers arriving in the airport's new terminal.

Helen's mother Jean McConville was dragged away from her 10 children, interrogated, shot dead and buried in secret by the IRA in 1972.

Former Belfast IRA commander and hunger striker Brendan Hughes alleged before his death that Gerry Adams had ordered Jean McConville's "Disappearance".

The IRA later invented a fake legend that lasted for decades that the west Belfast woman had "run off" with a British solder. Her body was eventually discovered on a Co Louth beach in 2003 in Mr Adams' Dail constituency after she became the first and most widely recognised of the Disappeared.

Commenting on Dublin Airport's decision to put Mr Adams' picture as one of the "Faces of Ireland," the murdered woman's son-in-law Seamus McKendry said friends had told them they had seen the Sinn Fein president's photographic portrait at the terminal.

"Naturally Helen and the rest of the family are appalled and disturbed that visitors to Ireland see this man as one of the first faces of our country when they arrive at Dublin Airport. The airport authorities were grossly insensitive to the McConville family and other victims by doing this.

"However, in the interest of balance and in terms of the famous faces of Ireland I put this challenge to them: Why don't they erect that famous picture of Jean and her children which has become one of the iconic images of the Troubles beside Adams?


"Jean has become arguably one of the most famous pictures in Ireland over the last 40 years."

He said the family would be writing to the DAA to see if they were prepared to put up the image of the woman missing presumed dead for decades alongside the Sinn Fein Louth TD.

Seamus McKendry said Helen and the rest of the family also backed moves by the Police Service of Northern Ireland and the US Justice Department to seize interview material contained in a Boston College archive on the Troubles.

The PSNI is seeking access to tapes by convicted IRA Old Bailey bomber Dolours Price because they believe they may contain information on Jean McConville's disappearance and death.

Price has admitted in the recent past that she drove the car that Jean McConville was taken away from in west Belfast to her final destination in Shelling Beach, Louth.