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Murdered Fat Andy's graveside gets €50k marble statue of Jesus


The late ‘Fat’ Andy Connors

The late ‘Fat’ Andy Connors

A crane was needed to put the huge marble statue in place on the gangster’s grave

A crane was needed to put the huge marble statue in place on the gangster’s grave


The late ‘Fat’ Andy Connors

Dublin gang boss 'Fat' Andy Connors now has a €50,000, six-foot-high marble Jesus Christ headstone on top of his grave.

The criminal, who was murdered in August last year, was buried in a gold-plated coffin.

Now an extravagant statue made out of solid marble has been placed on his grave at the Gorey cemetery, where Connors is buried.

It took a small crane and several men to hoist the statue into place.

Widow Ann Connors organised the memorial just in time for her husband's anniversary, on Thursday last week.


The statue was erected despite protests from a local parish priest who wasn't happy with the size and structure of the monument, according to the Sunday World.

Fr Howell is believed to have initially refused the family's bid for planning permission for the €50,000 statue, but eventually he backed down on the issue.

The family had waited just under a year to erect the headstone to allow the ground to settle and are believed to be planning a massive commemoration service to mark the anniversary of his murder later on this week.

The statue is joined by Mary and Joseph monuments already surrounding the criminal's grave.

'Fat' Andy was buried in a €28,000 gold-plated coffin, wearing a €40,000 diamond Rolex watch along with a number of other expensive items of jewellery.

Separately, close to €10,000 was spent on a lavish floral display, which included a mobile phone and a cigarette box.

The crime boss was gunned down by a hired killer in front of his wife and children at his Saggart home on August 20 last year.

The 45-year-old father of six was shot five times in the murder.

Ann Connors said that she was now fearful of attempts on her life, despite no known threats, after a burglary on their Tallaght home in March.

Jason Mansfield (28), of Crooksling, Saggart and Kiltalown Grove, Tallaght, admitted to a burglary at the Old Dog Pound, Boherboy, Tallaght, on March 15, with Ann taking to the stand at Tallaght District Court, saying he had threatened to strangle her.

"He [Mansfield] was drunk when the gardai arrived, but he wasn't drunk when he was beating down my door," she said.

"He said it took a trigger to kill my husband.


"He said he was going to strangle me. I witnessed my husband being murdered.

"This case should not be in the District Court," she added.

Mansfield is on remand until a hearing on September 4, before Judge Bridget Reilly.´

Ann has now moved her family out of their Tallaght home and is living in Carlow with four of her children.