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Murdered dad-of-2 took on car thieves before brutal killing

The clinical nature of yesterday's cold-blooded execution has left detectives in no doubt that dad-of-two Mr D'Arcy was the intended target of the gunman.

A man, carrying a handgun, walked up to the window of Mr D'Arcy's van and blasted him three times in the upper body and head from close range as the victim left to go to work shortly before 7am.

Another line of the investigation is whether innocent Mr D'Arcy could have been caught up in a Republican feud which led to convicted gunman Frank Nolan (48) being shot three times in a botched assassination attempt on Oranmore Road in Ballyfermot in September.


"In the aftermath of the murder, gardai have received certain information that Mr D'Arcy may have been friends with Mr Nolan and this is being looked into.

"But officers never had any information before yesterday's murder that these two men were friends despite the fact that they are both originally from Claddagh Raod, Ballyfermot," explained a source.

The getaway car, registration 99 CE 3047, was stolen on November 23 in Limerick. This vehicle was found burned-out on nearby Inagh Road.

"It is considered highly unusual that a car stolen in Limerick would be used in a murder in Dublin.

"This opens up other aspects to the investigation involving gangs there," said a source.

Gardai say that Mr D'Arcy was a hardworking family man who was not involved in criminality. Mr D'Arcy was a keen gardener and had an allotment at the end of Cherry Orchard Road. The delivery man was also a dog enthusiast and kept several breeds at his home.

In a moving Facebook tribute posted last night, Mr D'Arcy's heartbroken son David Jnr said: "loss my best mate today ..still cnt believe it ;(ill never forget u ..ur always an angel on my shoulder ..love you sooo much ..see you soon pal ...mizz you already." (sic)