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Murdered criminal known for extreme violence

THE savage murder of notorious criminal John Paul Joyce (30) left, just six months after his younger brother Tommy (20) was shot dead, fatally weakened one of the most prolific cocaine gangs in Dublin.

From their base at Grove Lane in Coolock, the gang emerged as huge drugs traffickers with strong links to other crime mobs across the capital and with Traveller gangs across the country, particularly in the midlands.

As the leader of the Joyce gang, John Paul specialised in buying debts off other criminals and then threatening minor criminals and their families with extreme violence if they did not pay-up.


A major focus for gardai, Tommy Joyce became one of the youngest criminals ever to be targeted by the Criminal Assets Bureau when at the age of 19, a senior CAB officer told the High Court that Tommy was part of a major cocaine gang in Coolock. The court heard that despite having no legitimate income, Tommy had two cars worth more than €100,000.

He had paid €70,000 cash as part payment for a Range Rover and also had a BMW.

At the time of this court hearing his older brother John Paul was in prison, where he was serving a two-year sentence for a savage attack that left his victim brain-damaged after he was kicked and stamped on and had a door repeatedly slammed on his head.

Before being locked up, John Paul Joyce survived a number of attempts on his life from rival Coolock mobsters including one in June 2008 when shots were fired at him as he sat in a car outside a gym on the Malahide Road.

But the rival gangsters got him in the end.