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Murder victim Jean's husband is in hospital with 'self-inflicted' injuries


Taxi driver William Eagers

Taxi driver William Eagers

Taxi driver William Eagers

The husband of murdered Jean Eagers could be in hospital for days receiving treatment for what are understood to be self-inflicted injuries.

It is believed it could be later this week before William Eagers is fit to face questioning by detectives.

He was arrested at the family home on the Willow Wood Grove estate in Clonsilla shortly after 11.30am on Sunday and taken to Connolly Hospital later that day for treatment, with sources saying some of his injuries were self-inflicted.

"It could be a few days yet before he's deemed fit for interview. He's still being treated by doctors," a source told the Herald.

It is understood gardai are stationed at the hospital.

The couple's son, who is in his 20s, raised the alarm after he heard screaming coming from the sitting room.

When he went in, he witnessed his mother being attacked, but when he tried to intervene it is alleged he was threatened that "you'll be next".

He ran from the house to seek help from neighbours, who called the emergency services.

Mother-of-two Mrs Eagers died from her injuries, which are believed to have included multiple stab wounds to the chest.

Sources said the weapons removed from the scene for forensic examination include a samurai sword and a meat cleaver.


Mrs Eagers' 60- year-old taxi driver husband, who is known as Billy, initially would not leave the house when armed gardai arrived.

Neighbours reported hearing a man shouting "Put down your weapons" and "Nobody is coming in here".

Officers had to break a window and use flash grenades to disorient him before they stormed the house.

Witnesses said Mr Eagers had bloodstains on his head as he was brought out.

His period of detention and questioning will begin when he is taken back to Blanchardstown Garda Station.

He can be questioned for up to 24 hours before being released or charged with an offence.

Neighbours told the Herald earlier this week of their shock at what had happened.

"Jean was very well known and liked, and she was a quiet lady," one said.

Colleagues who worked with Mrs Eagers at Marks & Spencer in Blanchardstown Shopping Centre paid tribute and wept as they left flowers.

"I will miss your bright smile, Jean. You are forever in my heart. Shine bright," read the message on one card.

"Jean. Always in our hearts. Thought, prayers, love always," read another.

The couple had lived in Willow Wood Grove for around 20 years.

Local Fine Gael councillor Kieran Dennison said: "This is a quiet area and the community is in shock."

Fianna Fail councillor Tom Kitt added: "No matter what you say or do, an incident like that, it affects the whole community."