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Murder of gang victim unlikely to fuel tension


Jason ‘Buda’ Molyneaux

Jason ‘Buda’ Molyneaux

Jason ‘Buda’ Molyneaux

The capital's latest gangland murder is not expected to fuel tensions in the ongoing Hutch-Kinahan feud, despite the cartel's suspected involvement in the killing.

Sources have described Jason 'Buda' Molyneaux - who was gunned down in a suspected double cross on the capital's North Strand on Tuesday night - as a "multiple murder suspect" who was not well liked among his associates.

"Nobody will be lining up to avenge Buda and very few will care that he is dead," a source told the Herald last night.

"He was a nasty, volatile and violent thug who was a multiple murder suspect.

"What the last two murders show is that no one is safe from the cartel, not the main men in the Hutch mob nor the foot soldiers. This feud could go on for years," the source added.


The Herald revealed this week how Buda (26), who was aligned with members of the Hutch gang, was a prime target of associates of crazed Derek 'Bottler' Devoy, whose innocent sister and best pal were shot dead in a shocking double murder last summer.

Detectives are working on the theory that the cartel has been providing logistics and firearms to Bottler's crew, who are hell-bent on revenge.

Gardai are investigating if Buda was lured to his death by a woman he knew. He was blasted six times, in the chest and body, outside James Larkin House in the north inner city.

Senior sources revealed that Buda was blamed for the double murder of Devoy's sister Antoinette Corbally (48) and innocent locksmith Clinton Shannon (30) last August.

Buda, who was considered to be one of the most dangerous criminals in the country, was the suspected triggerman in the mistaken identity double murder in Ballymun on August 16 last year.

Bottler (37) was the main target in that gun attack but escaped the scene uninjured after dropping a baby he was holding.

It is understood his associates have been enlisted by the Kinahan cartel to wipe out their "mutual enemies" which include Buda and Graham 'Choco' Byrne, who was shot last Friday.

"Buda was on the hit list for a number of crime gangs, including Devoy's crew and the cartel. It seems that they decided to join together to get rid of him which suits both gangs," a source said.


It comes as the Archbishop of Dublin, Diarmuid Martin, last night condemned the perpetrators of gangland violence as "an insult to humanity".

"Very few communities in Ireland have had visited on them the levels of brutal violence that this community has witnessed, right up until these days," he said.

"I am running out of words adequate to express the horror and inhumanity and barbarism of people who have for years exploited the weakest through drug supply, through blackmail and debt, and who feel that they can keep an entire community in their grip through brutal violence. These are people without a conscience, an insult to humanity," he added.

Meanwhile, Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan described tensions in the capital as a result of the latest gangland murder as "a matter of grave concern".

"My message to the perpetrators and their associates is that there is no hiding place for such activity," he said.

"There is no place for such brutal heinous murder in our capital city."

He added that every effort would be made by gardai to ensure the persons responsible were brought to justice.

He also called on anyone in the community with information about gangland murder to come forward to gardai.