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Murder accused jumps from court window


A MAN who is currently remanded in custody accused of murdering his wife jumped out of a courthouse window during a civil case against him.

Marius Sarzynski (37) is now recovering in hospital after he badly injured his hip in a 25-foot jump from the second floor of Navan Court.

He was in the court on Monday afternoon for civil proceedings against him.

Officers immediately rushed to Mr Sarzynski's assistance and he was taken to Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Drogheda.

It is understood that he received surgery on his hip and it will be a number of months before he will be able to walk again.

Witnesses have said that he was heard screaming in agony after the incident.

A source told the Herald: "He jumped from around 25 feet. It was the second floor of the building.

"It was a civil case and he was in the court, I think it was very unexpected and if you were standing in the court you would have been shocked.

"He ran and jumped, I don't think it was a case that he was trying to do harm to himself, I don't think he knew how high up the window was."

Mr Sarzynski was arrested and charged with murder following the death of his wife Aleksandra Sarzynska last August.

Ms Sarzynski, who was aged 31 at the time, was found dead at Bective House apartments in Beaufort Place in Navan on August 30 last.

Her two children were in the apartment at the time that she was discovered.

Mr Sarzynski appeared before Trim District Court last September, charged with murder.

There was an outpouring of grief from the Polish community in Navan following the young mother's death.

Fr Janusz Lougowski, the Navan-based Polish chaplain in the diocese of Meath, said at the time: "Our community is absolutely shocked.

"It's absolutely terrible. We don't understand this one.

"At the moment we are praying for this woman and her children and family."