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Murder accused found dead in jail cell

A man accused of murdering his wife has died in jail - just hours after he was released from hospital and back to the prison service.

Marius Sarzynski (37) was found dead in Cloverhill Prison last night at 10.30pm.

He was facing charges of murdering his wife, Aleksandra Sarzynska, last August.

Mr Sarzynski (inset) had been on suicide watch after an incident last week when he jumped out of a second storey window of Navan court house and broke his hip.

He had been readmitted to prison yesterday.

Sources said that his wounds were self-inflicted and he bled to death.

"Sarzynski had just returned to prison following an operation on his hip," he said.

"He was recovering in his cell when he took his own life."


His wife Aleksandra (31) was murdered at an apartment in Co Meath last August.

Last Monday, the Polish national was in Navan court for civil proceedings against him, which were unrelated to the death of his wife.

A source said: "He jumped from around 25 feet. It was the second floor of the building.

Officers immediately rushed to Mr Sarzynski's assistance and he was taken to Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Drogheda.