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Munier settles restaurant case

A DISPUTE over the buyout of MasterChef Ireland co-presenter Nick Munier's shareholding in a Dublin restaurant has been settled, the High Court heard.

Earlier this week, the court was told the dispute had arisen over an alleged delay in implementing the deal to buy Mr Munier's shareholding in Pichet Restaurant in Trinity Street.

After a mediation process, terms of settlement of legal proceedings brought by Mr Munier, related to Dillmel Ltd, the operating company of Pichet, were agreed but had not been implemented.

The buyout deal was due to close on November 17.

Seller jailed for inciting terror

A Danish-Moroccan bookseller has been jailed for four years for supporting and inciting terrorism in posts on Facebook.

A lawyer for bookseller Sam Mansour argued that his messages such as "we are terrorists, and we are proud" were a matter of freedom of speech, just as Danish cartoonists who drew the Prophet Mohammad in 2005 were deemed to have been exercising their right to free speech.

"I just used the civil rights that Danish society has given me," Mansour said. But the court rejected that argument.

'Keeper upset at break-in

Former Southampton footballer Francis Benali has spoken of his distress following a break-in at his home.

Raiders escaped with a haul including four watches, earrings, necklaces and rings from the 45-year-old ex-Saints full back's property.

Two Apple MacBooks containing treasured family photographs of his two children were also stolen.

Appealing for information, Benali said: "We have lost extremely sentimental items that cannot be replaced."

Theft victim 'hypnotised'

A pickpocket who apparently hypnotised his victim is being hunted by police.

The thief took cash from a shopkeeper in north London while his victim "remained motionless and unable to resist".

Police said: "The victim in this incident said that he was momentarily unaware of what had happened to him."