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Mum's fury at jail term for tot sex attack

THE mother of a toddler sexually assaulted says justice has not been served by the sentence handed down to her three-year-old daughter's attacker.

The memory of what happened to her toddler daughter will stay with her until the day she dies, the mother said.

She was speaking after Garry Clyde (19), of no fixed abode, was handed down two concurrent five-year terms by Judge Carroll Moran at Tralee Circuit Court yesterday.

Clyde will serve just half of a five-year custodial sentence.

Judge Moran imposed two concurrent five-year sentences on Clyde, who admitted two counts of sexually assaulting the child in a laneway and in the bedroom of a house in Co Kerry between December 9, 2011, and January 9, 2012.

He suspended the second half of the sentence, binding Clyde to the peace for five years.

The sentence was backdated to January 2012.

His victim was just two years and 11 months old when she told her mother of the abuse.


"He got away lightly," she told the Herald. "He should have got at least four years. Next year he'll be free again."

The woman said the child, now four, still suffers from nightmares and refers to Garry Clyde and what he did to her.

"I feel nothing but hatred for him and I wish him the worst and if I could get at him I would," she added.

"I don't think we will ever get over this and we didn't get justice today.

"The judge said he'd be put on the sex offenders' register indefinitely but who's to say he won't do it again to another innocent child?"

Clyde, who is originally from Scotland, first met his victim's family while they were on holiday and struck up a friendship with them, the court heard.

In January 2012, while her mother was bathing her, the child complained she was sore in her private parts.

Although he initially denied all responsibility, Clyde later admitted the offences.

The judge said this admission had been critical to the prosecution and he had to take it into account.