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Mums' fury as acid attack thugs who did this to teen get off with slap on wrist


Tega Agberhiere and his horrific injuries

Tega Agberhiere and his horrific injuries

Tega Agberhiere and his horrific injuries

The families of three teenagers badly injured in an acid attack last year have expressed their anger after being told by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) that two of the culprits will receive only a juvenile caution.

Relatives of those targeted in the sickening assault had hoped the DPP would review a decision not to pursue criminal prosecutions against those involved in an attack slated at the time by Taoiseach Leo Varadkar for its barbarity.


Christie Agberhiere, the mother of one of the victims, said her son Tega's "life has been destroyed".

"No one has been held accountable. We just cannot understand it," she added.

The three teens were attacked by a large group of other youths with drain cleaning fluid last April 28 at the Earlscourt Housing Estate in Waterford.


Tega Agberhiere before the attack

Tega Agberhiere before the attack

Tega Agberhiere before the attack

Talented sportsman Tega (17) suffered horrific burns to his face and back.

There had been fears that the teenager, who plays football at youth level with Waterford FC and has represented Ireland, might be left partially blind after some of the acid splashed into his eyes.

The fact he was wearing contact lenses is believed to have saved his sight.

Four teenagers were subsequently arrested over the incident. One of them is aged 19, two are 18 and the fourth is a juvenile.

The victims' families were shocked when it was confirmed last month that no criminal prosecutions would be taken.

However, two of the attackers would receive a formal juvenile caution.

One has already been cautioned, and gardai have reserved a decision on whether to formally caution the second.

The families of the victims said they were horrified, and sought an immediate meeting with the DPP to discuss the decision.

That meeting has now taken place, but the DPP did not agree to a review.


It has now been confirmed that the option of juvenile caution will remain in place.

The families of injured teens Tega and 19-year-old Padraig O'Sullivan said they "just want justice".

"All we want is justice for what happened," said mum Shirley O'Sullivan.

"My heart is just broken from all this.

"The attack left him in so much pain. It was absolutely terrible."