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Mum's fear after two child abduction attempts

A MOTHER has revealed her terror after two of her young children were subjected to separate abduction attempts in the space of just five weeks.

In the first incident, the 39-year-old mother's eight-year-old daughter was at school when a man approached her and tried to persuade her to come with him.

And in the second incident, at around 4.05pm on Sunday, a man approached her 10-year-old boy near her home in Ballymun.

"It was five-weeks ago. My daughter was in the yard in school and she was approached by a man who made the 'come here' finger gesture.

"I've always taught her 'stranger danger' so she knows what to do and walked away," the single mother, who did not want to be named, said.

She said that her daughter was behind a fence and, luckily, the gates to the school were locked. A teacher saw what was going on and shouted at the man, who drove off in a blue Nissan Micra car.

The schoolgirl was left terrified in the incident.

"She wakes up in the middle of the night and says she sees his face, she thinks he's at the end of the bed," she said.

While the eight-year-old girl now has to receive counselling, the mother said that her son's experience has brought the troubling memories flooding back.


The 10-year-old boy was playing on his scooter at Shangan Avenue at around 4.05pm when a brown-coloured saloon car pulled up beside him.

"There was a woman driving the car and she beeped the horn. The car pulled up beside my boy and a man got out. Kids have passwords these days and the man said 'I know your password, it's Spongebob,' chancing his arm," she explained.

Luckily the boy knew what to do and he rushed back to the house, calling for his mum.

"He did the right thing. I always tell them that I am there to protect them. For this to happen once is traumatic enough, but twice is horrendous," she said.

In the second incident, the woman driver was described as being aged in her 40s with red hair and glasses, while the man was in his 60s with white hair. The mother believes the incidents were unrelated.

The matter was reported to Ballymun gardai by the boy's distraught mother and CCTV is being studied as part of the investigation.