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Mum's fairy fantasy novel is a bestseller

A Dublin mother of three has shot to fame with her first fantasy novel -- which has reached the top 2pc of sales on Amazon.

Eileen Gormley from Swords, a former contributor to the Herald, spent two years writing her debut novel Don't Feed The Fairies and it was picked up by US publishing firm Fantasy Island this year.

The book is currently available for download, and a paperback version is due out in the US next year.

The ex-journalist says it's a dream come true to finally publish a book.

"I was told at school to forget about a career in writing because I'm slightly dyslexic and I really do depend on other people to read over what I've written and making sure the spellings are right," she said.

"I'm currently in the top ten of the young adults science fiction section, and I'm the leader in the interspecies romance section. People are buying it and enjoying it, which is what I love.

"I wasn't expecting all of this to happen so fast. But I've written two follow-ups and I'm working on the fourth now.

"Fantasy Island is very interested and they reckon that if the second one is anything like the first one they'll publish it."

Don't Feed The Fairies tells the story of Cytolene, a beautiful alien vampire from the planet Eris, who is stranded on earth, after a mission to farm tasty humans goes awry.

The pink-haired wingless alien is ready to hitch a ride home from a passing spaceship, until she falls in love with two hunky body builders.

Eileen advised by her creative writing teacher in UCD, Patricia O'Reilly, to enter her novel into the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, a worldwide competition which is open to 10,000 writers.

The book made it into the quarter finals and then got noticed by Fantasy Island.

The cover for the novel was designed by best-selling New York author and illustrator Angela Knight.