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Mummy to remain at UCC until dust settles in Egypt

A DISPUTED 2,300 year old Egyptian mummy will remain in an Irish university while political turmoil grips Egypt.

Talks have taken place between University College Cork (UCC) and officials of the Egyptian Embassy in Dublin over the fate of the mummy and sarcophagus.

However, the Herald has learned that no decision will be taken on the long-term fate of the mummy until the political situation in Egypt resolves itself.

Egypt is slowing try to normalise its political situation following the fall of President Mohammed Mursi's government and the election of the former head of the Egyptian army, President Abdel el-Sisi.

Cairo officials are adamant that the mummy which was, for a time, hidden under floorboards at UCC, is their property.

However, UCC officials hope the mummy, believed to be that of a high-ranking court official rather than a Pharaoh, will be allowed remain in Ireland.

The mummy was first reported at UCC in 1903.