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Mum who put Down's Syndrome boy in washing machine filmed hurling him around bouncy castle


The young mother who put a child with Downs Syndrome in a washing machine has been filmed tossing him around a bouncy castle.

Courtney Stewart (21) was at the centre of controversy this week after she posted pictures to Facebook of a young toddler she was minding in a washing machine.

Footage has now emerged of the mother of one throwing the young boy around in a bouncy castle at the UK adventure park, Pandemonium.

The footage, obtained by the Daily Record, shows Ms Stewart throwing the child high into the air, with him landing back on the castle with his limbs jolting out in different directions.

The child then starts crawling away from Ms Stewart but is dragged back by his ankle by the young mum.

The footage then shows Ms Stewart jumping around the toddler as she shakes on the floor of the castle.

When approached by the Daily Record for comment, Ms Stewart expressed frustration at the clips.

“It’s me playing. It is me playing with the boy at Pandamonium.

“It’s just us playing at Pandamonium. What are you trying to do to me?” she said.

Ms has been subjected to online abuse since she posted the washing machine pictures on Facebook and was questioned by police. She was also allegedly attacked outside her front door.

The person who sent the footage to the Daily Record said that they had recorded it on May 28 but had come forward after the pictures of the toddler in the washing machine emerged. 

The told the paper: "It might be a bouncy castle, but it is meant to be for children to jump up and down on.

“It is not supposed to be for an adult to lift kids to shoulder height and throw then down like that. The force of the landing is sickening. It is hard to watch."