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Mum tells how daughter died in stab victim's flat

The mother of a previous girlfriend of stabbing victim David 'Gummy' Sheridan has appealed to the public to steer clear of drugs.

Peggy Griffin (55) said her daughter Nicola Dillon died from "methadone toxicity" in Sheridan's flat in Dublin four years ago.

She said she was very unhappy with Nicola's relationship with 'Gummy' because he was known as a drug addict.

Sheridan (45), a father of three, was fatally stabbed at a chipper on North Strand Road in Dublin on Sunday night.


Gardai arrested the chief suspect, a 63-year-old man, in Dublin's north inner city yesterday morning.

Ms Griffin told the Herald the widespread publicity from the fatal stabbing had evoked painful memories of her daughter's death.

"It brought up my own grief at the loss of my daughter," she said.

She said she always believed that Nicola (26) was not involved in drugs. An inquest delivered an open verdict and certified the cause of her death on April 18, 2010, was 'methadone toxicity with alcohol and benzodiazepines'.

Nicola, a mother-of-one, had spent the night in Sheridan's flat and was found dead by him the next day.

"Like any mother, I was very unhappy my daughter was in a relationship with a drug addict," she said.

In a tragic twist, her other daughter Lisa had died of a drugs overdose 11 months before Nicola.

"Lisa died on Nicola's birthday. And Nicola died the day before Lisa's birthday," she said.

"I was paying a visit to Lisa's grave for her birthday when I heard Nicola was dead," she said.

"I was coming back from Balgriffin cemetery on the 42 bus when I got a call from someone who said: 'Peggy, where are you? Nicki is dead.' I got off the bus and got a taxi to the flat in Synott Place where I saw the ambulance and the guards," she said.

Ms Griffin wanted to urge parents to discourage their children from having relationships with drug addicts.

Stabbing victim Sheridan was well-known to gardai and had a series of criminal convictions. He was given a two-year suspended sentence for robbery last January.