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Mum stabbed so hard knife cut through bone, court told

"Significant force" was used to inflict fatal stab wounds on the body of a tragic mother, a court heard.

Jolanta Lubiene (27) was knifed a total of 61 times, including in the arms as she tried to protect herself from her killer.

Her eight-year-old daughter Enrika was stabbed 11 times, severing her jugular vein and piercing her right kidney and liver in a "sustained and violent" attack that left over 12 additional superficial stab wounds on her body.

The wounds inflicted on Ms Lubiene cut through muscle and bone, severing her spinal cord and arteries and penetrated her vital organs, including her lung and liver, a jury at the Central Criminal Court in Tralee was told.

Lithuanian forestry worker Aurimas Andruska (28) denies murdering Ms Lubiene and her daughter Enrika in their home at Langford Downs, Killorglin, Co Kerry between June 15 and 17, 2013.

Assistant state pathologist, Dr Margot Bolster, told the trial "significant force" was used to inflict the wounds on Ms Lubiene, some of which had gone through bone.


The victims' mother and grandmother Ramute Santiene and their sister and aunt Kristina Kuleviciene left the courtroom before Dr Bolster began giving evidence.

The depth of the wounds varied with one measuring 13cm and others ranging from 3cm to 11cm on Ms Lubiene's body.

In total, she had been stabbed 61 times in the neck, chest, abdomen, back, arms and thighs with 23 stab wounds to her back alone.

Dr Bolster concluded the attack on the mother-of-one had started on the landing, due to heavy blood staining, and continued downstairs to the utility room and the kitchen where her body was discovered in a pool of blood but pointed out that this was only "one interpretation".

She said Ms Lubiene suffered a disabling wound inside the back door and was then moved to the kitchen where the final wounds were inflicted.

She said the stab wounds would have needed significant force to go through bone.

Enrika Lubyte's long blonde hair was heavily matted with blood and there were bluebottle eggs in her eye when her body was discovered lying on the landing.

The little girl was stabbed 11 times in the neck, chest, back, abdomen and arms and there were also multiple puncture wounds on her body.

Bruising from blunt force injuries were also discovered on both bodies but Dr Bolster said this was consistent with the victims slipping and falling in blood.

There was no evidence of sexual assault on either body and no traces of alcohol or drugs were detected.

Both died from haemorrhage and shock due to being stabbed.

Dr Bolster could not say when they died but said both bodies were flaccid during the post-mortem examinations that were carried out on June 17.