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Mum stabbed in neck with umbrella after brawl outside school

YOUNG schoolchildren watched in horror as a bloody row broke out between two mothers at the school gates.

Gardai are investigating the incident which saw one mother stabbed another with an umbrella in the neck during the brawl which occurred as parents collected their children.

The incident happened outside St John's Primary School in the Rathmullen area of Drogheda at lunchtime yesterday.

It is understood the fight between the two women started as a verbal row in the grounds of the school for children up to age eight.

Shocked parents looked on as the row between the two local women flared into violence.

"One of the mothers produced part of an umbrella and one of them was stabbed in the neck with it," said one local parent.

"There was blood squirting from her wound, she had to be taken away in an ambulance in the end..


Gardai were called to the scene as the fight got bloody and out shortly before 1.45pm as parents waited for their children to finish their last class of the day.

Another parent, a trained nurse, tended one of the women involved.

Both women had to be separated by Gardai who arrived on the scene shortly before children began leaving their classrooms.

"It happened incredibly quickly. One minute they were both standing there and the next they were shouting at the each other. It got heated really quickly and then they went at it," said another local.

The school's website proclaims its motto to be "In St John's we try hard to be kind and friendly to everyone".

Gardai confirmed to the Herald they are investigating an assault at the school.