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Mum of tragic peanut-allergy girl Emma to hand petition to minister

A MOTHER whose teenage daughter died in her arms in Dublin city centre from an allergic reaction is to meet Health Minister Leo Varadkar.

Caroline Sloan said she was delighted to finally receive an invitation to meet the minister to hand him a petition signed by more than 112,000 people.

Her daughter, Emma (14), went into shock after ingesting a peanut sauce. Her family said she would have survived if she had an anti-allergy injection.

Ms Sloan said the petition calls for anti-allergy injection pens to be made widely available in public places.Emma died on December 18 last on a footpath on O'Connell Street. Moments earlier, Caroline had asked in a pharmacy for an Epi-pen injection for her daughter but was told she needed a prescription.She will meet the minister on November 24.


As well as wider and freer availability of anti-allergy injections, the petition calls for identity bracelets for all sufferers of potentially fatal allergies, which would be recognised by all pharmacists.

"All Emma's friends have been fantastic. They went with us everywhere seeking signatures for the petition, including Croke Park, Gay Pride events, and out on streets among shoppers," she said.