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Mum of girl in drugs trauma calls for march against Headshops

THE MOTHER of a teenage girl who was nearly killed by a Headshop drug has called on parents to march for their children's safety.

Her daughter suffered a 35-minute seizure after taking the substance known as 'Wild Cat' and came within minutes of death.

'Wild Cat' contains the deadly mephedrone compound which was linked to the death of two teenage boys in Britain.

Medical staff at Loughlinstown hospital had to battle for three hours to save the 17-year-old girl from Bray, who has now made a full recovery.


Her relieved mother called on the Irish public to begin a campaign to rid the country of head shops.

"I feel so sorry for their families, I was heartbroken watching the news yesterday about those two boys and it made me realise how fortunate we had been," she told the Herald this morning.

"What happened to my daughter and those unfortunate boys will have to wake up parents to the huge risks that are out there. Is it going to take some Irish people to die before we get the message?

"I think having a picture of my daughter suffering on a hospital bed has really got the message through to people.

"It is parents that are going to have to fight these shops. In the 1980s, parents and communities marched against drugs and the same will have to happen with these Headshops."

She reiterated her warning to people who are taking 'legal highs', to think about what happened to her daughter before they take the drugs.

"Our children are being put in danger because they don't know the risks involved and they think they're indestructible," she said.

"They are being put in harm's way and enough is enough.

"So many people are taking these things as part of their recreation at the weekend and it has to stop."

The community in Bray has begun to take action in light of what happened to the fortunate teen.

"Their was a protest in Bray on Saturday morning outside the Headshop, they had placards and banners so hopefully the tide is beginning to turn," she said.

The 'Wild Cat' drug has been taken off the shelves at the Headshop and the company website is claiming that there is no remaining stock of the drug.