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Mum fined as ex-lover drove away from booze checkpoint

A MOTHER of four who refused to tell gardai who was driving her car after it drove away from an alcohol checkpoint has claimed she was afraid of the individual and he threatened her to keep her mouth shut.

Sybil Hade (39) said she met the man a couple of months after her 17-year-old son tragically drowned in a lake, and she started a relationship with him.

She said she was very vulnerable at the time, and he claimed he could help her as he knew people who could tell her what had happened to her son.

Hade said she was afraid of this man, who she is no longer seeing, and he threatened her not to tell the gardai anything.

Gardai said Hade told them the man's name was "Brian", she met him in her local pub, and he drove her home after she had too much to drink.


The defendant, of Prospect Drive, Rathfarnham, had denied that she failed to give gardai appropriate information as to who was driving her 2009 Dublin-registered vehicle on August 12, 2009.

Garda Christopher Moylan told Tallaght District Court he was observing a mandatory alcohol checkpoint around 11.30pm when he saw Hade's car turn left just before the checkpoint.

Garda Moylan said he followed the car, and spoke to the driver. He said Hade was a front-seat passenger.

As gardai were waiting to get an alcometer to breathalyse the driver, Garda Moylan said he suddenly drove away.

In her evidence, the defendant said the man was in her kitchen both times gardai came to her house, and he threatened her not to say anything.

A judge found her guilty of the offence.

Judge John Coughlan convicted and fined Hade €200.