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Mum dragged along road by mugger in car

A young mother was treated for serious injuries in hospital today after being dragged along a road by a car driven by a mugger.

The woman, who is in her late 20s, was targeted at the Ballyowen Shopping Centre in Lucan yesterday evening after she had finished a shopping trip.

Gardai say the woman, believed to be Chinese, had put her young child into her car in the car park at around 5.40pm and was about to drive off when she was attacked by a man who tried to grab her bag.

"The lady tried to hold on to the bag but it seems when her attackers tried to escape she got caught up in their car and was dragged along the road," said a source.

The victim's son looked on in horror as the woman was pulled by the silver car swerving left and right in an attempt to get her to let go after the robbery.

One witness said he believed she may have been run over by the car. "I was driving out of the shopping centre when I saw a silver car flying up the road on the wrong side, and I saw the woman appear to fall off the back of it," a taxi driver told the Herald today.

"When I got back there was ambulances and gardai all around the place, and the Garda helicopter was in the air."

The woman was treated last night at Connolly Hospital for serious pelvic injuries.

Witnesses told how they could not tell if the woman was clutching on to her handbag or if her clothes had got caught in the passenger door as a man opened it to snatch her bag.

The thieves made away from the scene in the car, which gardai reported finding a burnt-out around 100 metres away in Ballyowen Lane, Lucan, shortly after the incident.