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Mum devastated after son's fatal 60-foot fall

FRIENDS today described the devastation of mum-of-one Emmie Pereira whose little boy fell to his death. The mother only discovered 21-month-old Sebastian had fallen when paramedics called at her door.

The loving mum had put her adorable little boy to bed, totally unaware the toddler had opened his bedroom window.

Emmie is inconsolable after the terrible tragedy.

"She doted on Sebastian. He was the light of her life. She is devastated beyond belief," said a friend today.

"What's happened to this family in just unimaginable. A tragedy of horrendous proportions. We all feel for them."

The toddler toppled 60ft to his death.

Ms Pereira believed that her toddler was safely tucked up and sound asleep for his morning nap when she was alerted to the tragedy.

Emmie, from Brazil, and her Polish husband Kamil Kus, rushed to the hospital with the ambulance and maintained a bedside vigil with their little boy.

But Sebastian passed away in Our Lady's Hospital for Sick Children in Crumlin yesterday afternoon after desperate efforts to save his life.

The beautiful toddler incurred “catastrophic” injuries.

The pictures of Sebastian were taken at his first birthday.

He would have turned two in July.

The tragedy unfolded late yesterday morning. Sebastian’s mum, a makeup artist from Brazil, had just put him to bed.

However, shortly after 10am, its believed that the child climbed out of bed and opened a window.

It’s understood that his father Kamil was in work in AIB at the time of the tragic accident. An eyewitness said Sebastian’s frantic mother appeared unable to comprehend the nightmare which was unfolding.

“The paramedic knocked on the door to tell her. The mother kept saying she had only just put him to bed.”

Another eyewitness reported that Emmie screamed out in anguish as the reality of what had happened began to sink in.

“The mother was standing there screaming – she was in bits. It was chilling, the hairs stood on the back of my neck.”

Gardai are treating the incident as a “tragic accident” and are appealing for witnesses, or anyone with information, to come forward.