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Mum cleared of forging school bills to ex she claims 'set her up'


Severine Doyle was cleared of defrauding her ex of €1,350

Severine Doyle was cleared of defrauding her ex of €1,350

Severine Doyle was cleared of defrauding her ex of €1,350

A mother-of-one has been cleared of stealing more than €1,300 from her former partner by sending him fake bills for their daughter's education.

Severine Doyle (43) had been accused of tampering with receipts for extra tuition, a school trip and other expenses and mailing them to her ex Wesley Greene, who paid half.

The receipts were forgeries, but Ms Doyle denied faking or sending them, and alleged Mr Green was trying to "set her up".

Judge Kathryn Hutton dismissed all charges, saying there was no evidence linking Ms Doyle to the receipts. Ms Doyle, of Parnell Court, Crumlin, had denied seven counts of theft and three attempted thefts from Mr Greene, between February 2015 and March 2016.

Dublin District Court heard their daughter had been at St Louis High School, Rathmines, and Mr Greene was obliged to pay 50pc of her education costs.


Ms Doyle would mail him receipts, and he would pay into her bank account.

Mr Greene said he received 10 fake receipts and paid €1,350 for seven before he realised they "didn't look legit".

The three receipts he did not pay were €645 for a revision course and €420 and €280 for German and maths tuition.

The receipts he paid 50pc of were €497 for a book list, €345 for student expenses, €828 for a prefect's uniform and a trip to Bangor, €578 for prefect and other fees, and €280 for higher maths tuition, all from St Louis, as well as a €550 doctor's bill.

Mr Greene said he had a note that read: "Please arrange payment immediately as I am severely out of pocket." The envelope had handwriting he believed to be Ms Doyle's.

"That is complete speculation," Judge Hutton said.

Mr Greene also denied in cross-examination he was trying to "set her up".