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Mum and son are safe after €250k Tiger kidnap ordeal

A Northern Ireland mother and son who were victims of a €250,000 Tiger kidnapping were reunited with their family today after being found south of the border.

It is understood the pair were freed after being abducted and moved between several locations, until they were left at an isolated house near the south Armagh border.


A security cordon was thrown around the area last night as a huge joint garda and PSNI operation got under way.

The fire service from Castleblayney was called to the area after a vehicle was found on fire near the house, where the pair were found by a local resident.

It is understood the two were moved from a number of houses before being brought across the border from the North into the Republic. It was reported last night that the pair were freed at the house by a resident who had heard calls for help.

It is believed the Tiger kidnap involved a raid on a cash transit van in the Belfast area.

It was reported that an armed gang got away with approximately €250,000 from a Brinks Mat cash-delivery van in west Belfast.

Gardai and the PSNI are now investigating.

The driver was making a delivery to licensed premises in the Ladybrook Park area at around 2pm on Wednesday when he was approached by two men, one armed with a handgun.

They then made off on foot towards Riverdale Park Drive with a cash box containing a substantial sum of money before putting it into the boot of a silver Peugeot 406, which was then driven off.

The robbers made their escape separately in a red Rover car which was last seen close to Nutts Corner, near Antrim.

The silver Peugeot was later found abandoned in Roumania Rise in the west of the city.

The driver of the van was left badly shaken but unhurt.


It emerged later that his wife and son were abducted earlier by the gang in what appears to have been a move to ensure he would co-operate with the gang.

A West Belfast councillor Gerard O'Neill said last night: "These types of attacks are attacks on the whole community and these people are out to line their own pockets by doing this.

"They don't care about the devastation and they have left people very traumatised."

Gardai declined to say today whether they believed republican dissidents were involved in the raid.