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Mum and children caught in Traveller feud bomb attack

A Traveller feud spiralled out of control when a pipe bomb was thrown at a caravan with a young mother and her three children inside.

After the bomb was hurled at the caravan, the innocent young woman and her children -- all under 12 -- fled the caravan, which was later set alight by the feuding thugs.


The attack happened when the feud-related violence engulfed the halting site early on Friday, November 11.

The trouble started when two women became involved in a fight.

The situation quickly erupted into a mass brawl which involved over 20 men, and it was while this brawl was going on that the pipe bomb was thrown at the family's caravan.

The bomb was then removed from the caravan by one of the Travellers who was on site at the time of the disturbance.

The caravan was set on fire later.

Gardai had to deploy a helicopter to try and control the situation and this week they carried out several search operations in the Coolock.

The violence is the latest instalment in a Traveller feud that has been simmering all year.

The worst affected areas have been Coolock and Finglas -- in another attack in August, a viable pipe bomb was discovered underneath a vehicle in Dunsink Lane, Finglas.

The Dunsink Lane incident followed a mass brawl between the two factions outside a pub in Cardiffsbridge Road, Finglas. In another incident, three young children were lucky to survive after their home in Avila Gardens, Finglas, was torched in a late-night petrol-bomb attack.

At the centre of the feuding is a notorious Traveller criminal who was first forced to flee Coolock, and later Finglas, by the rival faction.


This man is based in Dundalk, Co Louth, and it is understood that some of his close associates travelled to Coolock last week to take part in the gang battle.

Members of this faction are being blamed for the botched pipe bomb attack.

Sources say that gardai believe the pipe bombs are actually made by the Travellers involved in the feuding themselves.

"While they are simple enough devices, they are capable of causing a lot of harm," a source explained.

Gardai also believe that the Traveller criminals are selling the pipe bombs to dissident republicans and organised crime gangs.