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Multi-million euro facelift plan aims to turn city park into source of local pride

Lucan village is to get a multi-million euro facelift. The architects' department of South Dublin County Council has prepared drawings on what the ambitious changes might look like, and the plans will be subject to a public consultation.

This is likely to begin in December before councillors vote on it in the new year.

It is one of a number of projects that will be funded by the council under a "villages initiative" that is being rolled out over a three-year period, according to local councillor William Lavelle.


"The Lucan project is one of the biggest projects, and that's something we hope will be constructed in 2015," he said.

"The proposed re-design of the village green and extensive new paving will lift the whole area and turn the green from an area you go around to an area you pass through.

"The last time there was any significant work there was 15 to 16 years ago when they did some small works in the park in the village green.

"The village at the moment has a lot of damaged footpaths and a hotch-potch of various finishes on the ground.

"This will put in high-quality paving, like the type of job you see just now on Grafton Street.

"At the moment people go around the village. It doesn't have that vibrancy. We hope to change that."