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Mullingar Mafia knew kid was star material

Joe Dolan’s brother has revealed how he spotted Niall’s talent from an early age.

Fellow Mullingar musician Ben Dolan wasn’t surprised that the 20-year-old has reached such dizzy heights, given that the One Direction star stood out from the start.

Dubbed the Mullingar Mafia, locals have rallied to support the young star from the very early stages of the career.

Ben explained how the chart-topper once took to the stage at an amateur event at Mullingar Shamrock’s GAA club as he garnered some local experience.


“You get all the locals there and they all do a little spot, sing a few songs,” said Ben.

“I was at it one time and Niall Horan was at it and I just thought he sounded different than the rest of them.

“I met him a couple of days later with his schoolbag, he was in school at the time and I said to him, You were singing down there.’ And he said Oh yeah’. I said I thought he was very good - you should keep it up. It was only a passing thing.”

The brother of the late legend added how he knew Niall’s entire family as they were all “bred, born and reared” in Mullingar.

Ben, who’s still performing himself, agreed with RTE’s Sean Murray that the Midlands town seemed to be a “fountain of musical talent” given that Niall Breslin also comes from the same town.



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