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Muireann forced to explain not wearing face mask


TV presenter Muireann O’Connell defended herself online

TV presenter Muireann O’Connell defended herself online

TV presenter Muireann O’Connell defended herself online

Muireann O'Connell has said social media can be a "dark, dark place sometimes" after being taken to task over not wearing a mask while filming in her home town.

The TV presenter was in Limerick, filming for Virgin Media's new €1m #BackingBusiness campaign to help local firms through the Covid crisis.

However, she was forced to defend herself on Instagram after being criticised by a social media user who commented on a photo taken in the city's milk market, which is outdoors but has an awning over it.

She also posted pictures with Love Island's Greg O'Shea at Thomond Park.


The person queried if Muireann should be wearing a mask and said that if a person is in the public eye, they "should be socially responsible" and wear a face covering in public spaces.

Muireann explained that she was speaking to the camera while filming and, when she was not doing that, she was wearing her mask.

"Sometimes the tone on social media can be completely and utterly lost, and I believe very much that people should be wearing a mask at all times," she said.

"It's a case that I forgot my mask and I have to turn around and not go to the shop.

"We're all human, but I do wear a mask in public. I put up a few pictures on my Instagram and I happened to not be wearing my mask at that particular time.

"It's a world of appearance versus reality, but let's have a bit of common sense here."

She said "finger-wagging" and trying to call other people out on social media "is not helpful".

"We're all just doing our best. It's not like I'm going around spitting and coughing on people, and I am certainly wearing a mask. It's all a bit much."


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