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'Mrs Brown's Boys stars did nothing wrong', says Louis


Stars Jennifer, Brendan, Fiona and her husband Martin Delany

Stars Jennifer, Brendan, Fiona and her husband Martin Delany

Stars Jennifer, Brendan, Fiona and her husband Martin Delany

Louis Walsh has weighed in on the Paradise Papers controversy, rejecting any suggestion that some stars from Mrs Brown's Boys tried to avoid paying tax.

The leaks claimed that lead actor Brendan O'Carroll's daughter Fiona Delany, her husband Martin and fellow show star Paddy Houlihan had their fees from the show moved into Mauritius firms.

The money was then sent back as loans, which were not subject to income tax.

The scheme reportedly used by the trio was the work of accountant Roy Lyness.


However, pop guru Louis said the family had not done anything illegal and they had worked hard for everything they have.

"If you're a celebrity, you're always going to be in the papers if you do anything wrong. I don't think they did anything wrong," he said.

"They work hard for it. Best of luck to them."

The X Factor judge reckoned the attention will have moved on to someone else before the actors know it.

"It will be someone else tomorrow. I wish them well," he added. Other stars caught up in the Paradise Papers controversy include Bono and Madonna. Louis is mentoring the boys category on this year's series of The X Factor. After losing two acts early, he still has Sam Black and Lloyd Macey left in the competition and is confident one of them will make it all the way.

"I'm loving X Factor. It's different, we have more talent than we've ever had," he said. "We have to get rid of four this weekend because there's too many people. I think I will have somebody in the final, I really do."

Sean and Conor Price, from Co Wicklow, have proven popular, but Louis reckoned they have not shown what they are made of yet.

"The Price brothers haven't shown how good they are yet. They haven't had their moment," he told the Herald.

However, the TV star has high hopes for their future.

"I think they are the best Irish act we have ever had on The X Factor, ever," he said.

"They're not my act but I think they're incredible. I think they'll have a great career, that's the most important thing, it's not about winning."

Ireland's Got Talent will begin filming in the coming weeks, with judge Louis confident it will be a success.

"I think Irish people want to watch Irish people on TV. It's going to be great," he said.

Louis was speaking at The Complete Natural Pop-Up Bar on Dublin's South William Street.