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Mrs Brown fails to make the record books as Guinness officials say popular TV character not 'iconic' enough


Mrs Brown's Boys-themed world record at Finglas Festival Co Dublin

Mrs Brown's Boys-themed world record at Finglas Festival Co Dublin

Brendan O Carroll as Mrs Brown

Brendan O Carroll as Mrs Brown

Seam Mooney.  Finglas, Dublin.

Seam Mooney. Finglas, Dublin.


Mrs Brown's Boys-themed world record at Finglas Festival Co Dublin

One of the organisers of an attempt to set a world record for the most Mrs Brown lookalikes in one place has expressed his disappointment at the effort being rejected by officials.

Sean Mooney, who helped organise the event on Dublin's northside, described the Guinness World Record's decision not to accept the bid as "crazy".

Last week, 65 people dressed as the popular comedy character gathered on the final day of the Finglas festival to set the new world record.

A further 30 or so also turned up in Mrs Brown garb, but their costumes did not meet a strict dress code.

However, Guinness World Records officials have refused to accept the attempt, deciding that Mrs Brown didn't meet the criteria as the character is not "iconic" enough.

"We receive over 50,000 enquiries a year from which only a small proportion are approved by our experienced researchers to establish new categories.

"In regards to mass participation costume records, we must limit the amount of categories we monitor to those which have a very specific, standard, iconic, internationally recognizable dress," the response from World Guinness Records read.

"It's absolutely crazy that they've refused to accept the record attempt, I just can't understand it," Mr Mooney said.


"Dublin City Council, gardai and the local community were all really behind this idea, and Brendan O'Carroll even tweeted about it.

"I've been in touch with the Guinness World Record organisation and we've been going back and forth, and it's going nowhere," Mr Mooney added.

"We're hoping to start a petition to get the whole of Ireland behind this, so hopefully they will listen and accept the record attempt and make it official."

Brendan O'Carroll grew up in the Dublin suburb and the world record event was a tribute to the success of the creator of the award-winning television series, Mrs Brown's Boys.

"Brendan is from Finglas himself, so Mrs Brown is our champion, our Father Ted if you like. There is huge interest in the programme so we're going to fight this," Mr Mooney said.

It is hoped that the lookalike gathering will become an annual event at the Finglas Fest.