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'Mrs Brown always there for Christmas', says Brendan


Agnes in one of her festive shows

Agnes in one of her festive shows

Agnes in one of her festive shows

Mrs Brown's Boys star and creator Brendan O'Carroll has assured fans he has no plans to hang up Agnes's curlers and apron anytime soon.

The Finglas-born comic returns to our screens with a new series of All Round To Mrs Brown's on Saturday next week.

In an interview on TV3's This Morning show yesterday, he said: "As long as we have the Christmas specials, that will always give us Mrs Brown's Boys in its entirety."

The funnyman - who insisted he does not allow himself to become complacent, despite the show's huge success - pinpointed the popularity of both the sitcoms and tours to "old-fashioned" humour.

He said this was something that contemporary comedies had started to ignore.


In another recent interview, he said: "In the 1980s and early 1990s, comedy started to take itself very seriously.

"It started to become very snarky. It also started to become smart, or intellectual, rather than funny. I think what happened is that Mrs Brown captured an audience that comedy had left behind a bit."

Brendan said he is now is busy behind the scenes developing Mrs Brown: The Musical.

He said the show would be ready to tour Ireland and the UK by March nest year.

Brendan also revealed that he initially turned down offers from the BBC to develop a sitcom based on his famous alter-ego.

He said he was reluctant to sign up to the broadcaster because he was committed to touring the live shows with his family, many of whom play the main the parts.

The 62-year-old comedian admitted it took a full two years before he eventually signed a contract with the BBC in 2011.


The Dubliner said: "I kept saying 'No', because my favourite part of all this is touring. I love touring.

"I love being in a different city or county each week, and so I didn't want to take that away.

"I thought television might affect that."