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Mr Ireland lands dream role in TV3's Red Rock


Mr Ireland Karl Bowe

Mr Ireland Karl Bowe

Mr Ireland Karl Bowe

Mr Ireland, Karl Bowe, has landed a role in TV3's new soap Red Rock.

The Crumlin model previously revealed that he was eager to get a regular TV gig and had been eyeing up Red Rock from the beginning.

Karl (25) has already cut his teeth on TV screens, with a recently walk-on part in Penny Dreadful alongside Josh Hartnett.

He played an 18th century brothel owner on the Showtime series.

This time around he is set for a somewhat more upmarket role as he will play estate agent, Shane O'Connor, on Red Rock.

"I haven't been given the full brief and I don't want to give away any spoilers but Shane gets caught up in a love triangle of sorts except he's totally innocent in the whole thing," he told the Diary.

"I was told the news about it last week and hopefully it will lead to other things as well.

"We're going to be filming this week so then I'll be finding out everything about the character and all the details then but it's a great way to get my foot in the door," he added.


Red Rock will hit Irish screens in January. The big budget soap is set in a sea-side village in Dublin.

It focuses on the drama between two rival local families and is centred around the village garda station.

The show has already landed some well known actors, including Denise McCormick of Love/Hate.

Mr Ireland is a familiar face on the modelling scene, stepping out often to represent Ireland's biggest brands.

Over the coming weeks however, he'll be getting into the festive spirit as he plays Prince Charming in Santa's House Express at Palmerstown House in Kildare.