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Moyles' new skills from her travels

Model Daniella Moyles has said her latest trip has forced her to up her 'selfie skills'.

The Kildare beauty has been taking some time out before starting her new job as a 
presenter at Spin 1038.

She's been touring Europe over the past few weeks, visiting top tourist destinations in Austria, Hungary and Slovenia.

The model appears to be having a fabulous break and has been joking that travelling solo has improved her snapping skills: "Travelling solo has forced me to up skill my selfie ability, which prior to this was extremely weak."

Her newly-developed talent has resulted in her posting numerous selfies and stunning pictures of her swimming in the clear waters of Lake Bled and visiting markets in Budapest.

She has also shared snaps of her hiking in the Slovenian hills, trekking up to castle ruins in Austria and orienteering up to the Vintgar Gorge waterfall.

The 26-year-old learned her trade working alongside Cormac Moore on iRadio earlier this year. It's not yet known where she will fit into Spin's schedule, but sources previously told the Diary that she would be getting a major slot.