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Movie based on Annabel's killing is sold across world

AN Irish movie loosely based on the killing of student Brian Murphy outside a Dublin nightclub has been sold to Australia, France, Scandinavia and the UK.

Lenny Abrahamson's What Richard Did secured critical acclaim and opened strongly in Ireland recently.

Now it has won deals in a number of countries where it will be released next year.

The Irish Film and Television Network reported that Artificial Eye has bought the film for the UK market; Madman Entertainment for Australia; Zed for France and Angel Films for Scandinavia.


The deals follow a strong opening for the Element Pictures-produced drama which grossed €165,625 after two weeks on release in Ireland.

What Richard Did is loosely based on Kevin Power's Bad Day In Blackrock which is itself loosely based on the killing of Mr Murphy outside the Burlington Hotel in August, 2000.

Although the director, Lenny Abrahamson, is keen to stress that What Richard Did is separate from the Brian Murphy/Annabel's case, critics said there are simply too many similarities between the two to be ignored.

What Richard Did tells the story of a privileged Dublin teenager whose world crumbles after an act of violence.

Richard, played by young Wicklow actor Jack Reynor, is young, affluent and attends a private school in South Dublin.

He starts a relationship with Lara (Roisin Murphy) that sees his teammate Conor (Sam Keeley) edged out.

The film's emotional content builds and culminates in a violent encounter outside a house party.