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Mouse and droppings force temporary closure of D4 restaurant


The Greenery in Donnybrook was closed temporarily

The Greenery in Donnybrook was closed temporarily

The Greenery in Donnybrook was closed temporarily

A Dublin 4 restaurant was forced into temporary closure last month after "a large amount of rodent droppings" were found on storage fridges and a live mouse was found in a kitchen.

The Greenery, Donnybrook was served with one Closure Order under the FSAI Act 1998 following an inspection by an Environmental Health Officer from the HSE on August 21.

Inspectors found seven breaches of safety regulations at the southside restaurant.

The reason given for the Closure Order was that "grave and immediate danger to food safety exists because rodents can transmit harmful pathogens through their droppings and urine".


The order was lifted on August 23.

In addition to a live mouse in its kitchen, rodent droppings were found behind and on top of storage fridges, on electrical cables and extension leads and on shelves storing food and equipment used to prepare food.

Rodent excrement was also found in a container storing food container lids.

These lids were ready to use and would be in direct contact with food, the officials said.

Droppings were also found behind cooking equipment, behind service fridges and on shelves storing dry goods.

"Adequate measures have not been taken to control pests in the premises with numerous pest-proofing issues highlighted," the report said.

Insufficient steps had been taken "to thoroughly clean and disinfect food contact surfaces and surfaces where rodent activity was cited".


Five restaurants were given Closure Orders under the EC (Official Control of Foodstuffs) Regulations, 2010.

Two of these were in Cork; one in Galway; one in Kilkenny and one in Monaghan. Breaches included a rusty trolley holding a container of raw chicken and no hot water available in the hand basin of a staff toilet.

FSAI's chief executive Dr Pamela Byrne said compliance with food safety regulations should be the highest priority for all food businesses.

"Filthy conditions, unhygienic practices and a lack of adequate pest control measures being in place are the main reasons for this month's Closure Orders," Ms Byrne said.

The Greenery did not comment when contacted by the Herald.