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Motorola sued in €138m case

TELECOM giant Motorola has failed in a bid to have a €138m claim against it over the provision of broadband services in Ireland thrown out by the High Court.

Motorola is being sued by the Imagine Communications Group over the alleged breach of agreements related to the planned roll-out of an end-to-end broadband network in Ireland using wireless 'Wi-Max' technology.

Yesterday, Mr Justice Brian McGovern dismissed Motorola's bid to have the case against it struck out.

Motorola rejects the allegations and says that it had abided by its contract.

Joyrider (10) crashes van

A boy of 10 stole a removal van in the US and then crashed it into five parked cars.

The youngster took the vehicle as it was unloading furniture in Philadelphia.

Police said he grabbed the keys from the rear door and jumped in to the driver's seat.

The brief joyride ended when the van crashed into the rear of the fifth car.

Dog survives ride in car grill

A dog who survived an 11-mile ride from Massachusetts to Rhode Island after being hit by a car and wedged into the grill has been reunited with its owners.

The owners, who weren't identified, described the incident as a "miracle".

The owners claimed Suzie after seeing news reports.

The female poodle mix ran in front of a car in Taunton, Massachusetts, on September 20.

The driver slammed on the brakes but didn't see the dog.

Actor in bid to clear his name

The UK Labour party will be urged today to join a long-running campaign to overturn a 40-year conviction against 24 trade unionists, including actor Ricky Tomlinson.

The Royle Family star will address a meeting at the party's annual conference in Manchester, calling for support for the so-called Shrewsbury 24 who were arrested and charged for conspiring to intimidate others to abstain from lawful work, with six sent to prison.

Tomlinson wants to clear his name before he dies.