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Motorola facing lawsuit for €90m

MOTOROLA Ltd is being sued for €90m over alleged breach of agreements related to the provision of broadband services in Ireland.

The proceedings have been transferred to the Commercial Court, which fast-tracks business disputes.

Mr Justice Peter Kelly made directions for the exchange of legal documents and returned the matter to June next.

The case has been brought by IBB Internet Services Ltd and Irish Broadband Internet Services Ltd, trading as Imagine Networks, and Imagine Communications Group Ltd (ICG), against the telecommunications company.


The first two plaintiffs are wholly-owned subsidiaries of ICG.

Paul Sreenan, for the plaintiffs, said they had contracted with Motorola in 2009 for it to provide an end-to-end broadband network nationwide in Ireland, using WiMax technology.

His side was contending that there were significant failures by the defendant in meeting its contractual obligations, and that the plaintiffs had suffered losses of €17m so far.

The estimated total losses to the end of 2013 were expected to be some €90m.

Paul Gardiner, for Motorola, said it was contending it had abided by its contract.

The court also heard that Motorola is in the process of being taken over by Nokia Siemens Network.