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Motorist in danger ice-drive is banned

A CARER who overtook another motorist at a bend in a road during the worst weather in Dublin in 30 years claimed he was hurrying to work to look after an elderly pensioner.

Paul Broderick's Opel Corsa was slipping and sliding over the ice and compacted snow as he overtook.

The defendant also failed to stop for gardai, and led them on a chase through Tallaght, before sliding to a halt on Fortunestown Road.

The 42-year-old initially refused to get out of his car so gardai could speak to him, and when he eventually got out he rounded on officers calling them "w**kers".

A judge fined Broderick €250 and banned him from driving for two years.


Judge James McDonnell, who skidded in his own car during the bad weather in January, said he was aware of what could happen when a vehicle was not under the control of a driver.

Broderick, of Suncroft Drive in Tallaght, admitted dangerous driving at Belfry Avenue, Citywest and failing to stop for gardai at Belfry Square on January 7. He also admitted threatening and abusive behaviour and resisting arrest.

Garda Sergeant Carmel Henry said gardai were on routine patrol at 7.30am when they saw Broderick's car overtake another vehicle on a bend. The vehicle was sliding around.

Gardai put on the blue lights and sirens, and indicated for Broderick to pull over but he ignored them and failed to stop.

Sgt Henry said gardai then followed the defendant through the Belfry estate and out onto Fortunestown Road, where he failed to slow at the roundabout at Kiltalown Road.

Broderick's car was slipping and sliding all over the road, and it eventually stopped just after the roundabout.

Defence solicitor Michael Hennessy said Broderick, a married father of five, did not believe there was anything wrong with his driving, but now accepts the manoeuvres he made were dangerous.

Mr Hennessy said the defendant had just started a new job as a carer two weeks previously, and was rushing to look after an elderly man who "relies on him for everything".

The solicitor asked Judge McDonnell not to disqualify Broderick from driving, as it would affect his work, but the judge said motorists could not take risks on the road, particularly during snow and ice.