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Motion passed to ease EpiPen restrictions


Emma Sloan

Emma Sloan

Emma Sloan

A MOTION to relax restrictions surrounding the availability of Epinephrine auto injectors, commonly known as EpiPens, has been passed by Fingal councillors.

Fingal County Council members voted in favour of the motion at their May meeting, which calls on Health Minister Leo Varadkar to ease restrictions on EpiPens.

Mr Varadkar previously launched a consultation process on whether a number of prescription-only medicines used in emergency situations should become more widely available.

"These medicines can potentially save lives in emergency situations, but they can also be dangerous if used in the wrong circumstances or without training," Mr Varadkar previously said.

Sinn Féin Cllr Malachy Quinn expressed his delight at the passing of his motion, referring to the case of tragic Emma Sloan (inset), who died after a pharmacy refused to give her mother an EpiPen while Emma was suffering an anaphylactic shock.

"Since December 14, 2014 there has been a requirement for food businesses to display the ingredients of products that may contain the 14 allergens which can cause intolerance, allergic reactions or in extreme cases anaphylactic shock. If left untreated anaphylactic shock can, in some cases, be fatal.

"The case of Emma Sloan in December 2013 highlighted the requirement to ease restrictions on availability of EpiPens and the need for education on the administration of the treatment," Mr Quinn said.