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Mother of tragic Jake (6) launches safety battle

A MOTHER, whose six-year-old son was killed in a tragic road accident beside his home, is launching a campaign to ensure that his death was not in vain.

Little Jake Brennan was killed as he played with friends on the road outside his house in the quiet family estate of Lintown Grove, outside Kilkenny city, on June 12.

Now his mother Roseann has vowed that her son should be the last youngster to die in a residential estate and has begun a campaign for mandatory ramps and traffic calming measures.

"It's like something is telling me 'no' he's not dying for nothing," Ms Brennan told the Herald.

The Brennans have begun a campaign to make it mandatory for the roads in every residential housing estate to have traffic calming measures.


They want new laws enacted to say that any planning permission for a residential development should contain the mandatory construction of speed bumps.

Ms Brennan has also called for ramps in all housing estates that don't currently have them.

Gardai are still investigating the circumstance surrounding Jake's death and it has not been determined whether speeding played a role.

Ms Brennan has said she does not want to comment on the case, citing the ongoing investigation.

But Ms Brennan has said despite the tragedy that has befallen her family, she has witnessed cars driving at speed around her estate in the weeks since the accident.

"I see people speeding in the estate. Is our Jake's life not enough? Do we want to have more? You should never speed in a housing estate," she said.

"We're campaigning that speed bumps are made a must and not just any kind of speed bumps. You see some that don't slow cars down at all," she said.

Ms Brennan also called for the introduction of a reporting system, where drivers who are seen to be driving at inappropriate speeds in housing estates, can be reported to gardai.

"The gardai should be able to come out and have a word with a driver who has been reported a few times," she said.

Meanwhile, yesterday evening, a 10-year-old girl was involved in a road traffic accident on Fortunestown Road in Dublin 24 but it is believed her injuries were not serious.