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Most workers dread Mondays Tsvangirai to run in election Race protests anniversary

Most people have their Sunday evenings ruined because they dread going back to work on a Monday morning, according to a study.

A survey of 3,000 adults by the Careers Advice Service showed that two-thirds did not look forward to returning to the office after their weekend break, spending most of Sunday evening feeling glum.

The main cause of the 'Sunday night blues' included workload worries or not being able to do their job properly.

Tsvangirai to run in election

Zimbabwe's prime minister said he would run against Robert Mugabe in presidential elections expected next year and requested peacekeepers to protect voters.

At a rally in Harare, Morgan Tsvangirai called for the peacekeepers to be brought into Zimbabwe, where politics has long been dogged by violence and fraud blamed on President Robert Mugabe's supporters.

Race protests anniversary

Civil rights leaders and supporters recreated a march across an Alabama bridge, 45 years after troopers beat marchers on a day that became known as "Bloody Sunday".

Georgia congressman John Lewis walked on to the Edmund Pettus Bridge and spoke about the beating he and other marchers received that day, then joined 10,000 people in a recreation of that march.