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More than 600 patients complain to Tallaght

A DUBLIN hospital has been inundated with over 600 complaints in the past year.

Patients attending Tallaght Hospital have raised concerns about everything from their treatment to the attitude of staff.

A breakdown of the complaints made to the hospital last year showed most complaints concerned treatment and service delivery, with 179 notched up.

Second came "communication" issues with 170 complaints, according to information supplied to the Herald.


Third related to delays and waiting times, with 88 complaints received. Some 41 of these complaints were made between January and June last year and 47 were made in the second half of the year.

Tallaght Hospital is one of the busiest in Ireland in terms of the number of patients attending its emergency department, in-patient discharges and outpatient attendances.

The fourth most common complaint concerned staff attitude or manner, with 78 complaints during the year.

Cancellations accounted for 65 complaints lodged with the hospital last year. These complaints were much higher in the first six months of the year, when there were 40 complaints about cancellations, compared to just 25 in the second half of the year.

The facilities and buildings at the hospital accounted for 15 complaints which were made to the hospital. Some 11 complaints related to "clinical judgment".

The patient advocacy department at Tallaght which processes all complaints, provided the figures and a breakdown of the type of complaints received.

Tallaght Hospital has over 600 beds and treats thousands of patients every year. In all, 624 complaints were made to the hospital last year.