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More than 600 on list for donor organ ops

THE demand for organs still outstrips suitable donors with more than 600 on organ transplant waiting lists in Ireland.

Last year, 261 life-changing organ transplants took place in Irish hospitals.

Now the public is again being urged to carry an organ donor card and help raise awareness of the need for donors and help with funding.

Mark Murphy, chief of the Irish Kidney Association, said: "A transplant patient usually requires a lifetime of treatment, often developing additional health problems on the way.


"Despite an increase in the numbers of people carrying a donor card, there is still an exceptional demand for transplants versus organ donors."

Now the Run For A Life charity is organising its second annual fun run at Corkagh Park, Clondalkin, on September 18, at 1.30pm.

Mr Murphy said: " If the Run For A Life event can help change the future of even one patient awaiting a transplant, then we will consider it a great success."