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More than 5,000 cars are clamped in September


car clamped

car clamped

car clamped

MORE than 5,000 vehicles were clamped on the capital's streets last month, with Friday before lunch proving the most likely time to get caught.

Dublin Street Parking Services, a private company working on behalf of Dublin City Council, clamped 5,071 vehicles in September.

The worst place to park illegally was Merrion Square West, where 82 vehicles were clamped, while around 60 were caught on Dominick Street Lower, Jervis Street and Pearse Street.

However, just one car was clamped in September on both Abbey Street Lower and Westmoreland Street.

Merrion Square West is something of a clamping hotspot, with the area in front of the National Gallery topping last year's league table.


More than 40pc of cars were clamped for being parked in a pay and display or permit area without displaying a valid permit.

Figures retrieved by the Herald reveal that 803 vehicles were clamped on Fridays last month, the worst hours being between 7am and 2pm.

While clamping during the morning was consistently high throughout the week, no vehicles were clamped before 10am or after 6pm on a Sunday.

Overall Sunday was the best day to avoid clampers with just 322 vehicles clamped on this day in September.

But 50 of these alone were caught on the day of the first All-Ireland clash between Kilkenny and Tipperary in the vicinity of Croke Park, at the start of the month.

Drivers who parked illegally late at night didn't avoid being caught, as 123 vehicles were clamped after 9pm.

The most common offence was parking in a pay and display or permit area without displaying a valid permit, accounting for 2,160 clamps.

Some 148 vehicles were clamped for parking in a taxi rank, 75 in an area with no parking sign, 36 in a disabled person's space, and 29 at a bus stop.

Clamping in Dublin is run at a considerable loss.

The operation took in €4.32m last year but it costs around €6.1m to run annually.

A spokeswoman for Dublin City Council said all clamping on public roads within its administrative area is carried out by parking enforcement contractor, Dublin Street Parking Services, who are permitted to operate at all times, 24/7 and 365 days per year.

"The service plays a major part in ensuring traffic mobility and compliance with parking regulations," she said. Motorists paid €4.32m in fees for having 56,285 cars released from clamps in the capital last year.