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More students stung as fourth school closes

New pleas were made to the Government to urgently help foreign students left cash-strapped by the sudden closure of yet another English language school yesterday.

Millennium College in Dominick Street, Dublin, was the fourth English-language school to abruptly close in the past four weeks.

A notice pasted to the school door, in poor English, stated: “The board of Millennium 
College Dublin decided to cease the trading due to the suspended by immigration services the company raising financial crisis.”

Students spoke of their 
desperation and visa fears and asked what the Irish authorities were doing to protect the 
welfare of students who travelled in good faith to study in Ireland.

Nono, a 32-year-old student, gave up her job in a financial institution in Botswana to upgrade her accountancy diploma with a year’s study at the school.

“I paid €1,400 to the school and started studies last month. Could the Irish Government not have warned students before this happened?” she said.

“I had the wrong perception about Ireland and the Irish Government.

“I felt that students would be protected by the Government, but I was wrong.”

As her tears welled up, she said: “I had felt something fishy was going on last week and I asked the school for a refund of my fees and they told me to come back today about the 
refund. But they are closed now.

“Can the Government not have pity on us and address this situation?

“I could have chosen the UK but I felt Ireland was the place to come. But now I find it’s crap and so frustrating. I just want to go home.”

Joel Carbajal (27), an architect designer from Honduras, said he paid €2,240 to study English at Success College in Phibsboro in Dublin but it closed in January without him getting a single day’s instruction - and kept his money.


He then paid €1,400 to enrol in Millennium College and now it has closed too, he said.

The Irish Council for International Students has called on the Government to open a pop up’ college for more than 600 students abandoned after four school closures.

Immigration services stopped issuing visas for students attending Millennium College and three other schools in mid-April.