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More arrests on way over knife attack on Violet

Detectives are planning more arrests in the case of a solicitor who was almost murdered in a knife attack at her north Dublin home.

Violet Quigley is still recovering from the injuries inflicted on her during the attack at her home in Donaghmede, north Dublin, last April.

The last development came in July, when gardai picked up the man they believe hired a cash-strapped drug addict to carry out the knife attack on the 44-year-old solicitor.


A source said: "This is a highly unusual case and, thankfully, what happened is rare. A major investigation is ongoing and at least one more arrest is planned for the near future."

The suspect who was arrested in July was released without charge after being questioned for 18 hours at Ballymun Garda Station.

It is understood he is not co-operating with gardai.

It is believed the person behind the attack knew Ms Quigley well and decided to have her murdered for personal reasons -- this man is being grilled by detectives today.

Ms Quigley was targeted because of a financial dispute.

"The ordeal which that woman was subjected to was appalling.

"And it was organised over a lengthy period of time by someone who had known her for years," the source added.

Ms Quigley lost a huge amount of blood during the assault by a masked man wielding a knife and a claw hammer in the attack at around midnight on April 8.

Neighbours heard Ms Quigley's screams during the incident and rushed to her aid, saving her life.

The victim was rushed to Beaumont Hospital after suffering multiple stab wounds to her legs, stomach, arms and head -- she was left in a critical condition and was on a life support machine for over 24 hours.

Luckily, she survived the frenzied attack, but only after receiving 25 pints of blood in transfusions.

One neighbour who ran into the house said that the bedroom was like an "abattoir".

"There was a phenomenal amount of blood," she said.

"Violet was saying, 'Why would he do this to me?'"

Just one day before the attack, the lawyer's laptop was stolen from her home and Ms Quigley rang her parents who pleaded for her to stay with them, but she declined.


Ms Quigley is single and works in the ESB's legal section. She is described by friends as "a lovely, very private lady".

She has not been able to return to work after the incident and was cared for at a nursing home after being discharged from Beaumont Hospital.

She has also not returned to the house in Donaghmede where she was attacked.

Before the attack Ms Quigley was an outdoor enthusiast and part of a hill-walking club based in north Dublin.

Friends described her as very fit, which played a key part in her being able to survive the vicious attack.