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Moped thieves bag a haul

Thieves on mopeds stole designer handbags from a luxury boutique store in central London.

Police said four suspects are wanted after the smash and grab raid at the Valentino store on Sloane Street during which the thieves used one of their three mopeds to force open the door of the shop.

One man was arrested in Ladbroke Grove, west London, where police recovered a scooter but no stolen property. He remains in custody.

House burned in ant purge

A man has set fire to his house after trying to get rid of an ants nest by dousing it with petrol and lighting it.

Fire services said the man had initially set light to his hedge but this spread to the outside of his house.

"The resident set light to the petrol, but the resulting fire spread to a garden hedge which burnt fiercely, melting plastic guttering, a plastic window frame and a garden chair," he said.

Celeb backing no charity boon

Celebrity promotion of charities is ineffective at raising awareness but can make the stars more popular with the public, a study says.

A survey of more than 2,000 people found two thirds could not link any celebrity with a list of seven well-known charities and aid organisations that they worked for.

Stars did not support charities for self promotion, but this was the unintended outcome of their work, researchers concluded.

The seven organisations mentioned in the survey were Action Aid, Amnesty International, CAFOD, Christian Aid, Oxfam, Save the Children and the Red Cross.

Man killed by e-cig charger

A man has died after his e-cigarette exploded into flames and ignited oxygen equipment he is believed to have been using, fire chiefs said. The 62-year-old was found dead in the living room of a property near Liverpool .

The subsequent fire investigation found that an e-cigarette that had been charging in the bedroom exploded, caught fire and ignited the oxygen tube of an oxygen concentrator, which may have been in use by the occupier.